The other day I had the weirdest dream, it felt so real. Sorry if its too long.

It was in the after noon and I was a little tired so I decided to take a nap. I took a blanket to the couch which faces the entrance door. I closed my eyes and then went into sleep. In the dream I was sitting on the same couch napping with my blanket over me and everything, facing the entrance door. It didn't feel like I was sleeping. I thought I was awake. Everything was the same as it was just the second before I went to sleep except I couldn't move or see anything other than what was in front of me. In the dream I opened my eyes because I heard a loud noise. It was coming from the entrance door in front of me. Someone or something was knocking really hard BOOM BOOM and It startled me. I could see the shadow of their figure from underneath the door slit moving about impatiently. I was debating in my mind whether I should get up and see who it was or stay there and go back to sleep but then I got a bad dark feeling that I shouldn't open the door or get up from the couch, so I just stayed there waiting for it to go away. It wouldn't. Then all of a sudden it stopped and the shadow went away so I thought it had gone away. But then it came back with more, I was scared and just waited for it to go away. In my mind I was thinking 'mom come, open the door and come see, someone is at the door'. (My mom was in the other room.) The shadow started murmuring and then all of a sudden I saw a black shadow/ghost image of a face of an old man with a sneaky smile pop out in front of the door. It was like it trespassed the door. It gave me the look of 'HAHA I GOT IN, LOOK AT ME" and the face stayed there for like 5 seconds swaying left to right with that smile on it's face and then disappeared and all the shadows went away. It all happened so fast. When it left, my mom finally came out of the room and came to me asking if someone had knocked. Behind me was my cousin out of nowhere and I explained to them what had just happened, I took a last glance at the door and then from nowhere a string appeared that ran from the top of the door and stopped at my head and then a letter came down the string and stopped right in front of me so that I was the one to pick it up. I opened it and in it where images of skulls and bone. I was able to read some part of the letter which said 'Laura sorry if I scared you, I just had to.. (as I was reading my friends voice was reading it for me.. its hard to explain.) and it was all in black scary ink. That's all I was able to read and at the bottom it was signed by her - Sarah ( my friend's name.) I told my cousin and mom "hey it's a letter... from Sarah? " and I wanted to read more but then I woke up. I was in the same position I went to sleep in. I had this gut feeling and a weird thought came to my mind that something must be wrong or something had happened to my friend. I couldn't wait to call her and ask how she was doing. (this dream was on Monday)

Now comes the weird part. The next day I talked to my friend's cousin and asked about my friend and she told me that my friend was in the hospital. It turns out she had a fight on Monday and had to go to the hospital for stitches. :eek: She is better now and I told her about the dream and she couldn't believe it. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not . All I know is it was very weird. First time I had a dream like this. What does this mean? Did my friend unconsciously send me this message through my dreams? :confused: