I have been married for 21 years with the last 2 1/2 years being separated in the sense that he and I sleep together but he give me no help financially. The place I rent is mine and his name is on nothing. He has even cheated on me several times. He is emotionally and mentally abusive. We have tried to work things out but it has not worked. Recently I have decided internally that I want to divorce him. All of a sudden he has had a change of heart. He is now in love with me and wants our marriage. I am a coward because a pyschic told me that I am on an emotional roller coaster and I should wait 4-6 months before making a decision to end my marriage. I just don't think I can get over all the pain that has been in the marriage although we have had some great times together and share 2 beautiful kids. Anyone know of a spell that convince him we need to end our marriage and yet still be friends. I have no issues in helping him or being a part of his life - just not as his wife. I want us to be free to move on and be happy and find other love.