There have been many posts about if magic or spells exist or not so I've made a new post explaining it.

Magic is real. It works by raising, directing and releasing energy to obtain a goal. However, there are those who have tried to cast a spell before and it didn't work and they wonder why or they no longer believe in magic. There are several factors that could have not allowed their spell to work. The #1 reason is that because magic is pure energy, it works by "like attracting like". That means that if you cast a spell then start thinking that it might not work, then it won't. Why should it if you don't believe it? That's why more seasoned Witches have an old saying, which is "Set it and forget it". That means after you cast the spell to forget about it.

Anyway, magic does exist and it is all around us. I'm sure all of us at one point or another have been told "You can do anything you put your mind to". In a nut shell, that is the basis of magic, because magic must first begin in the mind and you must focus your mind on that intent before it becomes reality. Some call that "creative visualization". So yes, magic, spells, witchcraft, tarot cards, palm reading, astrology, summoning spirits, astral projection and all that jazz... it's all real. Any questions? :cool: