As-Salamu Alaykum,
I live in the UK. I'm 17. My family has been suffering from black magic not possession, which has been done repeatedly for 10/11 years since the year 2000. When I was 7 years old me, my mum, older sister and older brother lived with my step-dad who is a black magician and him and his family have been practicing black magic all their life. He used to mix things in food and drink and our minds were controlled. My mum became ill and had thyroid problems. I used to get abused and hit by the black magician - I was the only child who was hit physically by him. And we had many problems during that time. He stole our items, clothing, hair, photos and many other things. Since the last three years the black magic has become worse, as the symptoms increased. In 2008/January 2009 I experienced weight loss due to loss of appetite (for 1/2 I couldn't eat or consume anything because I didn't feel hungry), vitamin deficiencies, hair loss, etc. At that time we were not aware that the black magic was the cause.
In 2000/2001 my mum was pregnant and my step baby sister was born she was premature and she died. I think she died because the worst black magicians don't have children and cant.
From October 2008- 2009 I used to have mood swings and I used to isolate myself in my room. In July/August 2009 I had a bad dream from shaytan and since then I had fear in my heart and I felt someone was around me. I started praying more and making more du'a etc. The fear went away. During the past years people have gone against for no reason. In september/october 2009, during the night I felt a my foot lifting I was interrrupted during my sleep because of jinn. In January 2010 I lost interest in studies. I couldn't concentrate for a whole month. In march I was attacked by jinn again and many other times I felt pressure on me. During may/june/july/august 2010 I had sleeping problems and I was unable to sleep properly. I had exams during that period. I had this weird feeling like I was dizzy but in slow motion (hard to explain). A different time I felt my head spinning and extreme dizziness. From October 2007 - July 2010 my mind was controlled my mood was low so I was unhappy and uncomfortable. My thoughts were depressing. I don't feel comfortable at school, but I want to strive and get into a good career insha Allah. I am interested in studying whenever I used to work hard and study well for certain exams or tests I feel a mental block. I feel tightness sometimes on cetain areas of my body like toes but I then read 4 quls and ayat ul kursi and blow on the area or apply rukyah/recited water. I experienced inner turmoil.
From midjuly-August 2010, me and my mum prayed excessively day and night by reading Qur'an duroods, certain surahs and making du'a a lot. My iman increased. During that time me and my mum could feel pins or needles being injected on our bodies. The needles occurred at that time which were slightly painful, but we could feel the pins (they were painless). We went to the mosque and was advised by an imam to recite durood sharif surah nas etc on water and we used it for drinking and applying on painful areas and/or areas of the body affected by injection of pins due to the black magician/s using voodoo dolls. The black magician (step-dad) has a family in pakistan who also practice balck magic his sisters brothers and other family members practice it and do it on my family. The pins and needles reduced over time however noawadays I still feel some pins being injected they are not painful and they target certain areas of my body.
My older brother who is 23 lost interest in religion for several years now. He used to recite the Qur'an but now he never does. His diet is bad, he feels more depressed, frustrated and he has no desire to live. He thinks he has a mental disorder but when was frustrated and upset/angry blackmagic/evil jinn was involved. He fell in love with a hindu girl who controls him. I think he is under a black magic love spell. He left his education due to black magic and since the last three years he has been keeping a distance from his friends which makes him feel unhappy and lonely. He moved out of the house in 2009 to live with the girl for a year he came back at the beginning of 2010 for 5/6 months and then bought a house and got married to her. The girl takes advantage of him with negative intentions and is also part of the balck magic situation. His situation is bad because he doesn't pray. His and our mental peace was destroyed and inner turmoil arose. He/we were unable to succeed in life. Due to the balck magic misunderstandings and arguments were created between my brother and sister, who is 18/19 years old. This caused them to drift apart. Black magic was done to break up our family.
My sister was unable to find a Part-time job for a long time, but now she works long hours. In the past few months I noticed that there has been a negative impact on my financial situation, which is deteriorating and worsening. My money is diminishing. I am victim of fraud because lots of money was stolen from my bank account. I never experienced this before but since August 2010 it has gotten worse and worse. Insha Allah the money will go back to my account soon. I am really worried about my future education. I want to do well and strive in life, but the black magic is making all my effort go in vain.
Sometimes I feel the bed shaking sometimes when I sit on it. There are jinns in the house - I can feel something around BUT my iman and faith has increased greatly Alhamdulilah and I have become more closer to Allah swt since many months now. My knowledge of islam has increased over the years. I only fear Allah swt. Jinns are weak and I am aware that Allah swt has all the power to do anything. Black magicians worship Shaitan and me and my mum are aware that they practice it more during certain days and also near dark moon/full moon nights. Alhamdulilah I am glad that I have became more closer to Allah swt Insha Allah.
Me, my mum and sister pray, but me and mum pray more in particular. Me and mum read the Qur'an and different surahs which help to cure black magic such as Surah Yaseen I have recently started reading this in my routine in the morning after fajr salah. I read different surahs like fatiha, my mum reads surah Al buqarah every three days during the three days, we read surah al dukhan before sleeping we read al saffat and many others however we read certain verses sometimes which are mentioned in rukyah. My mum recites rukyah on water. We read manzil daily many duroods and duas. I read tasbih for "la hawla wala quwa ta illah billa" and I also recite "la illaha illaha hu vahtahu lashrika lahu lahul mulku wala hulhamdu wahawwa ala kulli shayin kadeer". I read mroning and night supplications and many other things. I read "la illaha illah anta...." etc and many other effective duas I read first kalima 100 times a day. My shaykh/peer suggested to read you rahmanu/ya raheemu/ya dul jalal walikram and you allah after namaaz to do well in studies. I read astagfirullah 100 times a day and subhanali vabhi hamdihee I read these after namaaz and I recite the lats three quls ayat ul kursu after namaaz in the morning and evening or anytime during the day and rub on my body. Before sleeping I pray and I read last few chapters of surah al baqarah for protection Quls, Ayat ul kursi frequently. I read bismillahillazi la yaduru ismishi... etc. I try to find out more and my information and make du'a to Allah swt to guide me towards the right path. I bought a book on the internet "the sword against black magic and black magicians" with included 2 audio cds which had rukyah since December 1 2010 we play the rukyah audio cds in the home twice a day and listen to it. I also listen to ayat ul kursi for one hour and al baqarah and other surahs when I have time. The book mentioned about treatment using sidr leaves but here in england it is hard to find it do you know where it is available and where I could buy them? I use the ruqyah water to wash myself sometimes every three days is it still effective without the sidr leaves? We splash the rukyah water around the house. We read Al-Mu'awwidhatayn frequently when we can and blow the effect out of our mouths. Sometimes I feel abit dizzy and also sometimes after praying. In the front garden my mum noticed holes have been made beneath the grass and soil has been dug out we notcied this a few months ago and suspected the black magician. I think a evil talisman/taweez is hidden somewhere might be the attic, or buried in the back or front garden. I eat 3 or 7 dates from saudi arabia in the morning at times. I apply black seed oil/oil olive with rukyah recited on them and apply it on my body. I don't fear jinn but as this house and family is affected by sihr/balck magic I feel evil jinns are present around me and maybe spying they were sent by the sahr/black magician. And sometimes I hear like an eerie sound near ear that something is present I'm not possessed by jinn but when I'm sleeping sometimes some air is felt against skin. How do I get rid of it? I think the major problem right now is the jinn in the house because this causes the negative effects. How do we get rid of the evil jinn from our house? I read bismillah when I start anything. Please advise me on anything if possible any kind of advice for my whole situation. I want to thank you for taking your time to read these words. I want to apologize for writing a very long message. Jazakhallah khair. Please reply. Thank you.
As Salamu Alaikum
Allah Hafiz