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    Feb 23, 2012, 02:04 PM
    Hesitation 2001grandam
    My 2001had been turning of then one day would not turn on an I did the security put key on on for ten minutes then turned it on an it came on now its hesitating cylinder one is missfiring did the computer cause the hesitation how can I fix problem

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I have a 2005 ford 6.0 with 115000k miles on it that hesitates when running( feels like it's missing)this occurs most between 1-2000 rpm's and doesn't have an issue when the give heavy amounts of fuel. It also is slow at starting on cooler mornings i don't know where to begin.

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I have a 2003 hyundai tiburon 2.7 V6 and the engine gets herky jerky during acceleration I have a cold air intake and have had to clean the mass air flow sensor a few times but it doesn't seem to be that I had this type of hesitation in the engine before and the check engine light came on and the...

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I've been noticing this since some time after installing a high flow catalytic converter, I don't know if it's related or coincidental. 2002 Acura RSX, K20A3 (has dual runner intake manifold), 84K miles. Under ~ 2K RPM, in gear and with load, there is a slight hesitation and lack of...

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:confused:hi,. I have a 94 jeep grand cherokee ltd. 4.0 liter ,inline 6,. 4wd (4by4) Anyway I was driving and I noticed the engine revving but the vehicle not accelerating,so after that it just got worse as I put it into any gear it would just shake and shut off (R,D,2,L)but when the I place the...

95 grand am hesitation [ 2 Answers ]

While idleing it runs rough it hesitates at take off and when excellerating on highway or just driving. It gets worse if you are running the air conditioner.

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