Dear sir,
Before a year I met a Jain Tantrik and he advised me to give coconut to him forcefully to avoid accident and there is someone done black magic on you and I purchased coconut from the market at around 9:00 PM and gave it to him and he gave "Dhoop" to coconut and kept with him.There were too much family problem and so my friend took him to tantrik.Up to 6 months there were no result and he was repeatedly asking money with me more than 5 times.But I never ever gave him money.
Now, since last 3 Monnths I suffering from dipression, I don't know why this happened and if I am tryig to get out of my city I cannot move from my city.I m very doubt ful that he has done something on me.I tried to move out of the city more than 5 times but failed.

Can he do something on me? By giving him coconut to him?

I'm visiting Shiv Madir daily and I'm also reading Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Chalisa daily and I am also performing Mahamrutyunjaya Jap and Gayatri Mantra.

Can tantrik do something on me or this is purely a doubt please advise me I'm very confused and I'm in dipression.

Thanks & Regards.

Jignesh Shukla