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    Jan 13, 2016, 05:45 PM
    Teaching credential program
    I'm new to Calif. from Texas. There I had Teaching Certification in Special Ed but soon left the field while doing research on Special Ed for Children with Brain Injuries. I hoped to start a special program but there were no funds in Texas and very little knowledge of brain injuries. They were still stuck on the idea that children don't have to worry about brain injuries because they will "grow" out of them and other parts of the brain will take over. Wrong!
    Entered GWU and got my Gradate Certificate on Special Education for Children With Brain Injuries. Now I'm back in San Diego and wish to try again. I don't see any programs specializing in brain injury. LD, Behavioral Disorders, etc. won't cut it, they need very specialized teaching and their parents need very specialize counseling.
    In all, I have a MS Rehabilitation Counseling, past Special Ed Teaching Credentials, a Graduate Certification in Special Ed for Children with Brain Injuries and 25 year experience with both adults and children with traumatic brain injures. How can I find info in this area in Caif. For teaching and rehab for brain injured? I am 62 now an want to get something going before retirement.
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    Jan 13, 2016, 05:59 PM
    I'm floored that the schools you attended didn't give advice on where the jobs are. And except in big cities, I imagine that the funding for 'special programs' doesn't exist. The entire US is suffering huge cutbacks under Medicaid and Obamacare and special ed (which most parents get Medicaid for). I'm having a tough time too, as a senior with Medicare and Medicare advantage plans that cover less and less. Brain injuries are still handled on a case by case basis - aren't they? Do you actually know of 'programs?'

    Truthfully, I would go back to Texas and investigate the big famous medical centers. With football coaches and schools finally forced to agree with what you say about brain injuries (mainly concussions and young peoples' concussions, not just from football of course) you might have the best chance getting into a clinic that is part of one of those centers, rather than a school system. Of course you can try the big medical centers of SoCal too.
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    Jan 13, 2016, 08:19 PM
    For funding you are going to have to create it, find it, apply for government grants (but to be honest you will need to hire a grant writer if you expect any success. Develop a selling plan and go to large businesses and request funding. Write a project and approach a major university for research funding. But as noted, funding is getting harder and harder to find.

    You would talk to state licensing agency on the type of requirements required for the specific work you are planning to do. And/or what persons you may need on your team to sign off on the work.

    Next you will need to find if the counseling and treatment of the children or parents would be covered by any types of insurance or government social services.
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    Mar 2, 2016, 09:00 PM
    Have you checked with the regional centers in Southern California? We call it SELPA--Special Education Local Planning Area? They handle all special education for the local school districts. You will find contacts and be able to find specialties not found in local schools. For instance, long ago I had a student with minimal hearing. My school district didn't have the necessary equipment, but SELPA provided it. Southern California has teacher shortages in certain special education areas. You might be able to get your required CA credentials with some or complete financial assistance from various programs.
    My only concern for you is your age. I know they can't discriminate, but someone so close to retirement may not be highly recruited.

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