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    May 21, 2013, 08:01 AM
    Need examples of methods to teach Gifted Learning Disabled student
    After observing great inconsistency in my son, I am starting to realize he is gifted learning disabled. He is very quick to grasp difficult math concepts. Can do 100% on tests one day D's and F another day. Those low grades almost always involve more language-related skills everything from misreading a question he obviously knew answer to to simply copying a word misspelled when it is right on the paper inches above his writing math and at age 10 occasionally (inconsistently) making is 'b' into a 'd' or similar almost dyslexic things. As a very young child he could write with both hands. Left normal, right and exact mirror image. He is left handed. He reads above grade level and passes comprehension quizzes, has read over 2 million words this school year. This is a definite change for the better over last year me begging him to read and searching for anything that would interest him to get him 'into' books. That hurdle seems gone but he doesn't see as able to 'pick up' info from books he reads in seeing how words are spelled, I mean. Non-fiction he has more trouble pulling out what is important and putting it into his own words. But he's 10, maybe that's age-appropriate.

    He can write a multi-paragraph essay and uses a good vocabulary, differing sentence styles, and even have an intro and conclusion but he might not answer a 2-part question (only one part) or might forget to go back and proofread for things like punctuation or (as above) copying a word that was given to him and spelling it correctly. I admit as a mom I have probably erred in saying that is being careless and he is frustrated with me seeing him that way and seeing himself that way but up until now I've been bewildered until I heard about the possibility of Gift/LD. For example, he wrote plural of man is mens. He was given plural of ladies as an example and couldn't apply the rule to make plural of puppies, writing instead puppys. He knows better. His answer of why he makes such errors s always 'I dunno'

    He has bouts of what we have called laziness (and now suspect instead it is a type of LD and his frustration) He cannot remember things like there their they're or your you're usage or spelling words from second grade (he's in 5th) yet if I quiz him on his current words and make him practice writing 5-times the ones he missed initially, he can get within a day or so spell all of them 100%. And continue to do so weeks later. But in the mean time he's forgotten all the little words so in a spelling test where he has to write full sentences he misses the words that aren't his current grade level spelling words.

    He doesn't exactly say classes are boring but he does tune out when it is. Not too much in the way of disciplinary issues in class, as we've raised a respectful kid. He used to be very shy that is getting better. My own dad was extremely brilliant engineer with many patents to his name but so shy he could have lived in a box. My son reminds me a lot of my dad.

    We are stuck in a small town public school with probably no resources or inclination to adjust teaching him. (The teachers tell me even when he gets low --barely passing-- grades on standard exams they 'know' he's smart so they don't stiick in the 'slow' group as he moves through school.

    I am willing and able to supplement skills at home. Need to reverse some mistakes I think I've made and ask advice on how best to approach this with him. (head on or back door?) Have read I need to emphasize his strengths and work on skills to help him with his learning disabled areas. But am totally not sure how exactly to put that into practice. Appreciate direct examples or guidance to lead me to a place where I may find someone to dialogue on this
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    May 21, 2013, 08:56 AM
    Has he been evaluated by professionals and have they diagnosed the problem?

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