Our 7 year old grandson is having problems remembering even the smallest of things. I tell him to go upstairs and get his shoes, by the time he's to the top of the stairs , he forgets and will cry. I had him in catholic kindergarten last year and the teacher called time after time and wanted us to find a doctor to diagnos him with adhd, when we took him to the doctor he said no meds, the school said find another doctor. Now we've changed him to public school hopeful that hed have a better year. He does not understand or comprehend anything, Im beginning to wonder if he's slightly mentally disabled. He has also told me that voices talk to him, is this normal for a 7 year old. Hes not mean, or destructive. He plays good with others. Howeever, his mother is a addict, father as well. He llives with us, but when his mom comes its fighting , we try to curtail the language and ask her to leave. She did take drugs her first 3 months of pregnancy. Also my father was schifranic. I think my daughter could be bi-poler. Not sure. I am just concerned about my grandson and want to get him the help he needs just don't know where to start. We had my grandson on "focus" from Roex but did not see any difference. Any suggestions ? Thanks. Carol