My wife was in an auto-accident. She was making a protected left turn and a person from the other direction was making a right-hand turn. He was not at the intersection when she turned but as she was turning he came out of no where made a right turn without stopping and side-swiped her. There was damage to his car and ours. He had a yield sign but failed to yield and also his light would have had to be red since my wife had a protected left-turn green arrow. The police report states that both parties said they had a "green light". My wife told the police officer she had a "left-turn green arrow" but that was not put into the report. The insurance is dragging their feet because we cannot prove who was at fault. The other driver knocked my wife into the next lane since he hit her so hard. Do you have any advice on what we can to to prove fault of the other driver? We are meeting with the police officer's supervisor to see if we can get the police report changed, but since the officer did not see the accident and we have not witlessness, it's our word against theirs. We just want our car repaired or replaced. We have taken video of the intersection showing the patterns of the lights to prove that both sides could never have a green light at the same time. We're also looking to see if there was any cameras in the area that might have caught something, but we're highly frustrated that they are making this look like our "fault" when my wife did nothing wrong. Thanks for your comments in advance.