This is a specialist computer display question; I do some commissioned artwork on the side, specifically I sketch portraits and other artwork for people on my art table on large high quality paper. I always use my laptop to view the model of the art; people send me photos/pics, and I zoom them fairly large and look at the laptop screen as my model, sketching the subject with pencil bit by bit as I go, then move the image, zooming in and out, adjusting, as I keep going. My old laptop is ready to kick the bucket and it's just an old LCD screen with lots of glare and I need a lot of light while working. I'm always switching my vision from my screen to my art paper so glare can really hurt/give headaches. Is there any display you can recommend that's easy on the eyes, high quality enough to zoom in very well and get lots of detail, and still rich enough that shadows/colours are distinguished?

Specifically; matte screens are something I've looked at, as they reduce the glare, but I'm worried they'll compromise the sharpness and deepness of blacks, etc. I've also considered a Macbook Pro option since I need a whole new computer anyway; are they really that much better than a PC, and are the retina displays they have now good for my kind of work? I'd appreciate your thoughts/recommendations. Thank you!