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    Apr 21, 2010, 08:40 AM
    Why is my landline phone buzzing?
    Hi my landline phone has stopped working due to a continuous buzz when I pick it up. We have taken the phone outside and tried it on the dmark box and we get the same thing. Even bought a new phone,same problem. This is confusing me very much though because my dsl still works and it has to have a dial tone to work. All the filters are plugged up. I have went over everything several times. Oh and when some one tries to call our house phone all they get is a busy signal. Please help... we have been out of phone for 6 days and the phone company will not send anyone out to have a look without me paying this huge fee. Thanks a lot
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    Apr 21, 2010, 06:12 PM

    If you are getting the Buzz at the Dmarc with inside phones disconnected, it is Telco's problem and no charge to you, you are responsible after the Dmarc.
    Busy is if the pair is shorted and the buzzing sounds like the pair is also touching ground?
    I have had ran into No dial tone and still have DSL. Strange.
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    Apr 21, 2010, 07:54 PM

    Actually, bet dollars to donuts, the protector is bad in the NID which is located on the TELCO side.

    Having DSL and no dial tone isn't strange at all. The transformer in the DSL filter/splitter isolates the DC required by the phone, but not DSL.

    Do you have a voltmeter?

    Just tell the telco that the problem occurs when usig the test jack at the NID. Your not supposed to replace the protector. Some protectors are better than others for DSL.

    While your at it, talk to the tech and see if he will replace the 1/2 ringer in the NID with a "no electronics module with an "auto-jack.

    They also may install a DSL filter for free for you, but you may have to do the inside wiring later. You may have to ask them to upgrade the cable entering the house so an extra pair is available.

    A protector by Bournes and the above mods will definitely improve your DSL performance. My DSL tests at the limits of service and the tech described the line as pristine.

    All wires in the home are QUAD cable with non-home runs and about 10 locations. There are even 4 prong and modular jacks and sometimes multiple jacks at the location. An impossible install with filters, but pristine with a splitter.

    The telco needs to solve it. This guy is bad.

    Actually, if you do a DSL speedtest using performace will be crappy.

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