Hi everyone,

This is my first post/question -- I just moved into a new apartment (not a newly constructed building), and I am hoping to subscribe to Verizon DSL (Rhode Island) without paying the $130 "Complete Jack Package."

The website shows that: "In order for your Internet modem to work, you must have wiring for local phone service and a jack installed in your home."

Select a jack installation package if:

* You don't have a phone jack near where you want to have your Internet connection
* Or, you have a phone jack nearby but already use it for your phone

Already have a phone jack nearby?

If you already have a jack near where you want your Internet connection and that jack is not already being used for your phone, you can select "I do not need wiring or a jack installed" however, Verizon cannot guarantee that the phone jack you already have will function properly unless a Verizon technician is able to test it.

Should you experience any problems with your Verizon High Speed Internet service after the setup is complete, a Verizon technician will need to make a visit to your home for an additional fee.
So here's what I'm confused about -- my questions:

- Do I really need to pay this fee? Or is there some way for me to verify myself that the jack is functional?

- Will plugging a phone into the phone jack on the wall be able to provide indication? i.e. If I hear a dial tone, does that mean I can just plug-in the DSL modem?