I have a panel that has 2 jacks on it. One jack works just fine, but the other isn't receiving incoming calls. It gets a dial tone, but won't receive calls.

Plugging the phone cord into the working jack... makes the phone work, but I have a Modem connected to that. I've got the line routed through a fax machine then to the phone. I've confirmed it's not the phone cables that are the problem.

Modem also doesn't work if plugged into this non-working jack. So it's not the phone or fax.

I'm no Phone tech, so as far as the jack is concerned I'm clueless. Whether some wires are loose, or the jack itself is the problem is beyond me. It was working earlier this week, and nothing has been done to the jack.

That is about all the info I've got. (This is at work, so I don't have a way to test immediately)