I have been trying to debug an issue for 2 days. I have an Open House Telephone Entry Module H611 which is hooked up to Open House 4x8 Telephone Expansion Hub H618. My DSL is working fine. Also, I have dial tone at Network Box outside the House. I unplugged all the phones from the jacks inside the house and tried one at a time but no dial tone. I have found that the Blue and Blue/White striped wires have a short between them (not hard short but 40 ohms). The H618 Expansion Hub does not seem to have a short. I have tried opening couple of wall jacks inside the rooms and there seems to be no short there. I have 3 more rooms to check.

Also, when I call the landline phone from my cell then I get a Busy Signal. Another thing I noticed is that if I wiggle the wires by the Expansion Hub then I seem to hear a distant busy tone with some static

In the mean while any help will be greatly appreciated.