Hi, and thanks! I have two phone lines (telephone numbers) coming into the house. I want to change a particular jack from one line to the other (exclusively for a fax). The current jack has a pair of tan wires going to "black (heavier wire and screw)", a pair of blue wires going to "red", a pair of blue striped wires going to "green" and a pair of tan striped wires going to yellow. Also, there are four additional pairs of wires... brown, brown striped, green and green striped... not currently going to anything. To change this jack from one line to the other, do I just disconnect the four pair currently attached and hook-up the unattached pairs? Does it matter to which "screw" or "color" I attach them, as long as I attach them in pairs, i.e. brown to the "black screw/wire", green striped to the "red screw/wire", etc.? In other words, do certain pairs HAVE to go to certain "screws", when attaching the new sets of wires?

Thanks a lot!