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    Mar 11, 2013, 04:23 AM
    Law related to salary india
    I am an employee working with 100% subsidiary of a Public Limited company. I have not been paid from the past 2 months. I only get a standard reply from the company that we will pay you when we have funds. I am in a middle of financial crisis so started looking for legal options. I went back to my employer stating the as per the Payment of Wages Act, I should be paid by the 7th or max. by 10th of the following month. But I was told that I do not fall under the gambit of Wage since my salary is more than what is defined under Minimum wages act.

    Does that mean I do not have any rights defined for salary under Indian Law. I am sure employees like me who do not fall in the category of wage is covered under some law...

    Awaiting reply as this is extremely urgent

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