Occupational health and safety legislation,Occupational health and safety act:the act sets out the key princples,duties and rights in relation to OHS.National standards,National health and safety regulations 2007:the regs are accountable to the Standards and are made under the Act.They specify the ways duties imposed by the Act must be performed,or prescribe procecedural or administrative matters to support the act.Compliance Codes:they provide practical guidance to those who have duties or obligations under OHS Act.The codes which apply to childcare are 1:Communicating OHS across languages.2:Workplace amenities and work environment.3:Firstaid in the workplace. Victorian OHS Compliance Framework Handbook will be useful in helping you to understand all that is legally required of you.You can find these regulations and books from Worksafe Victoria and from certain chilcare websites such as Kindergardens Parents Victoria.Does this give you the info for OHS question relating to childcare?