Im a cook at sonic and today this lady that usually keeps up with the food left early so it was just me & my other 2 coworkers (we're still training). Well my manager came into the kitchen and he saw how behind we were with the orders and he got onto me about how I need to be doing this and that. He was talking very loud, everyone could hear him, he was pretty much yelling at me. He kept saying my name. My coworkers were looking at me like they felt bad. My manager would not stop, at one point I just wanted to cry because I hate being yelled at like that. He also yelled at me for something I DIDN'T do! He has no patients. I do better when he leaves the kitchen but when he comes back he yells at me again. I pretty much didn't say a word. Ive been wondering why I feel like crying when he yelled at me constantly? And is it wrong for my manager to be acting this way towards me?