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    Jan 8, 2012, 07:58 PM
    What would a felon go to school for?
    I'm about to attend college. I'm not sure what to go for. I'd like medical billing and coding. I'm currently attending class for office asst. Any info would help. I was convicted 2005

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I'm rather new to the site so bear with me.. I am a convicted felon still on probation and due to my charges jobs aren't really to keen on hiring... at least good jobs anyway.. all I'm trying to do is straighten up my life and go to school I am 21 and have no post high school education.. I was just...

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I live in Illinois and I would love to go to cosmetology school; however, I have a felony in retail theft. It's the only thing on my record. Does this affect licensure? Would I have to get a waiver? Or would I even be able to go to school?

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I messed up when I was around 19 and caught credit card theft charge. I am now 27 and have not been in any trouble since, I would love to attend college but I am not sure what degree I would be able to get and use. Please help

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I'm trying to go to barber school but a question an the app is have you been convicted of a felony? I am on felony probation but was not convicted but sure my record reflects different so can I get a grant still for school and attend?

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What kind of careers can an ex felon attain

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