I would really appreciate it if someone could give me any advice at all? Im at a point in my life where I am desperate to concentrate on a career and I couldn't be more enthusiastic about becoming a tattoo artist!

I have been interested in art all my life and I am not to modest to admit that I have a talent, especially when it comes to illustration. In fact my teachers at college were hopeful that I would pursue a career in that field and go on to university but for many complicated reasons I was never able to attend a university.

Since then I have become increasingly interested in Body Art, tattooing and piercing. I have several tattoos myself all of which I have designed myself and I also have a few peircings. I enjoy creating tattoo designs so much and I get such a sense of fulfillment when my friends have tattoos done that I have designed for them. I only wish I had the know how and experience to transfer my art work on to skin myself and so I can turn something that initially was a hobby into a career that I know I will love and get immense job satisfaction from!

I cannot express how much I want to get into the industry and I am SO dedicated and enthusiastic to become a professional body arstist, I just need to gather as much information,advice and different opinions as I can before I take such a huge career change so any help would be most appreciated.

There are many web-sites offering advice on how to get into the business and I have taken on board all the facts and information I have read... however I would love to hear anyone else's advice and opinion on how I can turn a dream into a reality! I think I am correct in understanding that an apprentership is almost the only way to go about getting into this amazing business? I would love to know what other training schemes could be available to me in relation to doing both tattooing and piercing? I have been very eager to purchase a tattoo gun for over a year now as I have a number of friends that aren't too afraid of me practicing on them! But is this the right way to go to gain some experience in using a tattoo gun? I would love to know what may be the best equipment to purchase and how much things may cost, such as the gun, the inks,sterilizing equipment and so on? I am currently in the process of visiting many tattoo parlours in my local area to ask for guidance and advice but I would love to know if there is anything else I can do to raise my chances of getting an apprentership? What questions should I be asking? If there are any tattoo artists and piercing proffesionals that use this site could you please,please let me know how you got into the business and if you could please tell me the best way I should pursue this dream? My appreciation would be monumental! The same goes to anyone else who has any information,experience or knowledge on how I should go about things? If there is anyone currently training to be a professional in tattooing and piercing it would be amazing to hear any advice you have to offer!!

I really hope this post gets a successful response and I appologise if anyone found it difficult to follow my writing skills (or lack of!) Thank you so much for your time and patience and I will be most thankfull for any help and advice you can offer me on this subject!