I've made quite a few yet relatively major mistakes since working in my first ever job. As an example, I left something that could pose as a health and safety hazard in a room without thinking about it, but the truth is my mind was very frazzled from working under pressure and within a limited time frame that I honestly just forgot to remove it. That's not the only mistake I've made but I won t go into much detail about the others. My manager and I talked over my mistakes and luckily she wasn't fuming at me but she did express concern over my performance which had been witnessed and recorded and so she said would get back to me as soon as possible with an outcome after some investigation into the situation. I'm currently on a probationary period of 3 months and I'm worried the outcome will be that she will want to dismiss me before my 3 month trial is over. I'm extremely worried, been losing hours of sleep over, it my heart has been racing every night since then, I've felt sick and been crying my eyes out. I'm such a well-meaning person and my actions have never happened out of spite or intention. And heaven forbid if I came home one day and told my family I had been fired. A person who seemed to have a bright future ahead of her, who had a graduated with a high degree and someone who people put all their faith in, only for that trust to be destroyed by my falling work standards. I've always been a hard worker but it just never seems good enough for my work colleagues and senior members.