Hi, I am looking for a job that an 11 year old can do. I've heard that there's something called "freelancing" but I don't know what that is. I am saving up to get a horse that I saw, but I need to save up some money. I am probably one of those "Pony mad" girls. Umm... I guess I could be all right at designing, I'm not too bad at spelling, and I can read, draw and animate wolves, cats, and dogs well. Wow, I sound so stuck up. I wouldn't mind what type of horse, donkey, mule, even if I got a camel, as long as I could ride it, so I don't know. My mum shares a horse with two other ladies, and gets to ride him on Tuesday and Thursday. I get to ride him too, but only a couple of minutes at the end. I'm turning 12 in April, and I am going to ask for one. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks :)