Please help. I have a 22 year old son. When he was in school I struggled to get him to stay on task and get qualifications. He did the minimum but managed to get a place at a run of the mill university to do Film studies. He dropped out after the first year. I don't really think he made an effort. Folliowing that, he did manage to get a low paid admin job. It was a fixed term contract for 2 years. He didn't really have any training for it and he really struggled. I don't think he really got the support he needed but I was impressed that he really tried and stuck to it even though he found it hard. Now however the contract is coming to an end. It will be re-advertised but it is clear they don't want him back. I am desperate for him to make his way in the world but he just doesn't seem to really be able to find a career path. What can he do?