I know people who already has a job when they apply for another job will sometimes get the job faster the guy who applying for the job but hasn't work in a minuter.right?work experience.So I work currently,but 50 questions away from attaining my GED that's I'm currently trying to find time to study for but I want a better job with better pay.so my questions is when I get to the education part on my application do I tell them I have a GED or I don't.I am 21,work history spent time at College trying to take up extra things and classes so I can past my ged test.went to took it past everything but the math.50 questions stands in my way... but the job is something I need right now.so do I tell the truth,tell a white lie?or just give up.. basically I want to know what you say when you don't have diploma or GED when you trying to get a job?hopefully they would hire me because I'm already working in a retail store.