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    Aug 27, 2013, 04:50 AM
    First Job: Applications and Interviews?
    I have never had a job before, but I have put in several applications to several places. I'm not sure what to do next (I know I have to wait for a response if there is one) but should I check in with these jobs? And if I do get accepted into a job, I know I have to have an interview, and I have no clue on how those go... What sort of questions do they ask? Should I be cautious about saying certain things? I'm super nervous!
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    Aug 27, 2013, 05:05 AM
    First... you don't call them to see if they got your resume... they usually get hundreds if not thousands for every opening... most of them will end up in the trash on the first day they are reviewed. Only a few will make it far enough for an interview... of those few one or two candidates will be selected based on a number of factors... most of which depend on the type of job and how that company handles the process.

    You might have a test before any face to face interview... you might be questioned by a number of different people while being shown around. Usually every one of these people will be asked for feedback on their impression of you.; And sometimes what they think matters more than the main interviewer thinks.

    Again... a lot depends on the company and their style. I've seen very widely differing styles. And I've been involved in interviewing a number of people over the years... as one of those people you "meet" while being shown around.

    While most I have interviewed were experienced people... as noplace I've worked for 32 years hired entry level people.. the concepts are the same. YOU can tell a lot about a person talking to them informally ( being shown around) as well as Formally, (in the Interviewers office).

    YOU ask about the job... you ask about the company... ideally you will have researched aboutt he company before the interview and know a little bit about what they are requiring for the job... and showing you know something about both will cast you in a better light than someone that shows up knowing nothing.

    THe pay should be the last thing discussed... and you want to leave that open ended as long as possible... but the benefit package if not disclosed in the literature package most provide is something you can talk about twoards the end.
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    Aug 27, 2013, 05:12 AM
    so much is what level job this is, are you applying to fry burgers at a place, applying for a office job or what.
    If you go in and actually fill out an application, see if you can talk to someone, go back about once a week or every two week and ask if they are hiring yet ?

    always dress for the interview even if placing application, if you go into a place to fill out a application, dressed in jeans with holes, or poorly dressed, seldom will your application even be looked at.

    They may ask you about your schooling, about your work values, mostly ask if you have a way to get to work, if you can work all days and hours and soon.
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    Aug 28, 2013, 12:47 PM
    Mostly they are fast food chains that I have applied to, some are just coffee shops or a bowling alley/arcade.
    Thank you both :)
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    Aug 28, 2013, 01:22 PM
    Those types of jobs will likely be the least demanding of the kind some people will face.

    Dress well and talk and behave in a manner that would be considered respectful by your grandparents...

    It might be an entry level job... but how you present yourself is still very important.

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