I am a convicted felon looking for a job. Before my conviction I worked as an administrative assistant and then moved up to executive and on up to board of directors. I am very intelligent and out going, so I feel like I am just wasting away. I did not forget every thing I ever learned because I was convicted but I need a career, not a job. I am a single mother of one beautiful son that I can not support because I can not find gainful employment. The state of Mississippi has a fool proof re-entry programs for convicts, because most people have to support their families whether it be legally or not. I am one of the blessed few who did not burn any bridges with my family along the way so I do have help but I am a thirty year old woman and I need and want to support myself and my son. HELP PLEASE SOMEBODY! I am not practicing in any illegal activities or anything like that. I was just in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time!