I have three pieces I need help with in identifying the makers of.

The first piece is an inlay piece of turquoise, white shell? and onyx? The maker's hallmark is a capital M with and ---> attached to the bottom right tail of the M, the line from the end to the point of the arrow is a solid line. The beads used are mellon seed and round beads that appear to be hand made as I can see the seam on the beads. I bought it at an estate sale store.

The second piece is a ring with a tear drop piece of turquoise and a piece of red coral that is polished, there are three feathers? Stamped by hand? On the side of each stone. The hallmark is the word Claw. This piece was purchased at a local Goodwill.

The third piece is a bracelet, hard to describe the shape. So I will just give you the maker's Hallmark. It is a stamped name, all capital letters ROANHORSE. It was purchased from a dealer who got it from an estate sale, another piece with no hallmark that was a watch bracelet came with it.

Thank you for your help with this as I have not been able to find a list of Hallmarks for Native Americans on-line or else where. I like the pieces even if they turn out not to be the real deal. But I am hoping they are so I can learn a bit of the history of these pieces.