I am doing a Debate on Gay marriage in school, and the question is:

"Should an amendment be made to the Constitution banning same-sex marriage?"

Anyway, I want to just shock everyone in the room into realized that no it should not be banned. Anyway, the point of this thread is ask you what are some arguments AGAINST gay marriage? I want to make sure I know them all, so I can come back stronger than their argument. Here are the arguments I intend will be brought up and have covered greatly:

1. Gay people turn their kids gay
2. Gay people are pedophiles
3. Gay marriage affects traditional families
4. Gay marriage will spread AIDs
5. Gay people already have rights
6. If they can get married then why not a man and a goat
7. Gay people choose to be Gay, that choice shouldn't be allowed
8. The bible says _______________

And a couple more but I can't think of anymore. Is there anyothers people like to throw around? Im hoping to educate some people and don't want to miss a thing.