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    Jul 2, 2006, 05:43 PM
    Compare the vietnam war to the war in iraq.
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    Jul 2, 2006, 07:49 PM
    Jungle to desert

    Fighting an enemy that can not be determined from the friendly.

    The friendly are not all that friendly

    We are allowing the press to post things that should not be posed

    The enemy do not wear uniforms and fight in reconised methods of fighting a war.

    It is basically a police action with too many rules of engagement.

    The war is not being fought to win, but to maintain.

    Since many don't like a long war and people find fault anyway, we should have went in fast and hard and leveled most of it like in WWII and actually won it
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    Jul 9, 2006, 06:06 PM
    The good ol' US of A went off half cocked and dragged the Aussies in with them into the first one.

    In the second they dragged our brain dead bunch of armholes called politicians with them. (Rule Brittania! - erm - if that's OK with you Mr President)

    In the first one they couldn't tell their friends from their enemies so labeled them all "Gooks" and shot who the hell they fancied (even their own men if I remember correctly).

    In the second one they haven't come up with a label in place of "Gooks"...

    ... YET !
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    Jul 18, 2006, 11:18 PM
    quick answer jonegy, your question poses many debatable factors which you honestly couldn't possibly want to wade into. You cannot compare those two particular wars with each other, on the surface comparisons may seem to come to light but in reality there is a lot that differs between the two conflicts. Really the only three underlying and factual reasons that both of these un-necessary dramas have in common are these

    1- In the vietnam era, communism was the big fear and the majority of the western democratic regions were unjustifiably worried about the so called domino effect, while this was happening the collective governments used the media as a tool for propaganda and encouraged (read lied to) the people to stand up and go and fight a war against the so called bad guy. Jump to today and you see the same thing, Post 9/11 the western world immediately jumped on the "Terrorism" bandwagon and once again used the media to pull the wool over societys eyes to gather support to ("strike at the heart of terrorism") and begin the 1st of two campaigns to "remove terror" and "rescue the oppressed".

    What rubbish.

    2- In Vietnam and its associated areas, i.e. bordering countries etc the region has an environment that is particularly suitable for growing the opium poppie. A flower that is the base producer of morphine and its additional products i.e: Heroin,Codeine etc. This, although denied by the US and its associated agencies, was one of the prime factors in entering that particular action. Cut to the future now in Iraq and to a lesser extent Afghanistan we once again see a marketable and much needed resource up for the proverbial taking. Lets see... Vietnam=Morphine=Monopoly on the world market for an absolutely necessary product. Why not... Iraq=Oil=World Economic domination, well you can see where I`m going here can`t you...

    this issue is one of those ones where if I could click on the society button and drag it into the recycle bin then I`d do it. To many people are worried about what everyone else is doing, ***** that its time for me time you know what I`m saying.

    here a little inflammatory remark just to keep you all happy.

    F**K AMERICA,F**K THE MIDDLE EAST,F**K EUROPE and F**K YOU!! Smiley face with tongue poking out.

    check you
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    Jul 18, 2006, 11:19 PM
    Woops... seems mcnuggy can`t read properly. Umm educatedhorse that answer was to your post not jonesys... cheers

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