Asalam O Alaikum,
Respected scholars, I am 28 years divorcée mother of 1 son, I want to understand that if a)i want to go for a second marriage with a muslim and equal status single and mature boy can I get married in front of two muslim male witnesses b)and me and my partner would sign the contract we made our own with Haq mahar mentioned in it? Is that nikah will be valid, we are staying in UAE and here is the court law c)even it is a 2nd marriage for a girl she has to obtain fatehr's NOC or any guardian and d)a boy should have a house contract on his name. e)if these are islamic obligations? f)i think these are only UAE laws, g)but in islam is my Nikah which he (Male partner) announced in front of two male muslim witnesses is Valid with him.(Male Partner)without any imam available.h)the two muslim witnesse are my colleague working in same company with me but my (male partner is working in different co. )