I have only been in the stock market for a few months. Things have been going good until I recent decided to try a penny stock. Bad idea. I am in a stock that currently has a bid of about .37 cents and it shows an ask of .39 cents. The problem is I have been trying to sell for a few days at ranges between .33 and .39 cents. The stocks most recent price keeps jumping up to .39, 40 and even .41 cents as different transactions take place. My stock is not selling however, and I am asking only .37 cents! Why is my stock not showing up in the ask price, and not selling when people asking more are selling theirs? The problem is not quantity because the .40 and .41 cent sales were similar to my quantity. I also don't have it set to all or none. I am with Ameritrade. What is going on? Why can't I sell this stock?