I had no idea about GPA score until I started my college in the USA. In my country we just care about grades.

I have never been asked for my GPA until two weeks ago during a phone interview. I told the interviewer I just graduated 12/2014. He ask me what GPA did I graduate with. I honestly wasn't ready to provide this and responded with the first number that popped into my head: 3.8.

This stuck into my head, so I went online to check my unofficial transcript. I had no idea that there are different way to measure a GPA: GPA term and Accumulative GPA. Ends up that my accumulative GPA is only 3.476 which is WAY TO FAR from 3.8

Honestly I never meant to provided the wrong information, I know I should have responded during the phone call that I was not sure about that information and needed to confirm. I was simply nervous, never thought they will ask this, and felt like I needed to provide something.

This is so stupid considering that they are not looking into a GPA as a requirement, they care more about personality and experience. Anyway I know this can be taken as if I have lied to them. I don't know if the will believe my honest mistakes made of ignorance.

I made it to the final round. I am debating now between contacting HR director, leaving the process, or doing nothing and hoping they never ask which makes me really nervous.

Please advise.