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Dear George,

Thank you for your message.

We are pleased to once again confirm that you already have an employer interested to accept your prepared application requirements and potentially process them towards work permit and contract. We would like once again to confirm your job offer details:

Job Title: Welder
Job Status: Full-Time
Organization: well-established building company
Location: Ireland
Shift: Day
Contract: Permanent /Length: 2 year with opportunity for extension for 3 years/
Salary/Net Base: 2400 Euro/month = 147,652.61 rupees/month (8 hours a day, 40 hours per week)
Rest days: 2 per week
Accommodation: free (separate bedroom and bath, furnished, utilized)
Holiday Allowance: 20 days (paid)
Bonuses: medical/dental endurance; food provided during working hours; plane ticket and visa fees paid by the employer.

Required items to prepare in this regard are:

CV European format
Work permission application form
Motivation letter
Personal registration number from the foreign work force office.

We would like to inform you that our procedure is completely legal and it involves work permit application and work visa application.

As you can read, the work permit form is one of the listed items that the employer requests in order to potentially further process it. This should give you 100% assurance that procedure is legal and adheres to the valid legislation for hiring of a foreign worker.

The registration number at the state work force service would help the employer in the process - as you would already figure in the lists, a certain employer will be able to just go in the work force service, point your number and state that he/she would like to hire exactly you. This makes the procedure very simple and completely legal, because officially only the work force service itself is the institution able to realize your job application. This will also help the employer to present proofs to the authorities why he/she prefers to hire a foreign employee.

We also hope that after the above explanation, you will realize the importance of this registration

Regarding the registration number from the work force office and the other 3 requirements, we recommend that you use the services of European Translation Company - they can register you at the work force office and moreover prepare the whole application package in only 1 work day. We just checked today an application package of another applicant from your country who used this particular specialized service of the European Translation Company. The European Translation Company prepared all for him / CV European format, Work permit, motivation letter with registration number/ with an excellent quality according to the European employment application standards.

Their contacts are:
E-mail: eurodocexpert@gmail.com
YAHOO-messenger: eurodocexpert

Let us also inform you of your deadlines for the preparation and submission of your requirements. The deadline is November 5th.

You stay excellent chances to get this job in case you prepare and submit all requirements under points 1,2,3,4 within the deadline and this chance is reduced to 0% in case you do not prepare and submit.

We would like to underline that observation of deadlines is extremely important and you need to observe them by all means. Early preparation of these requirements is strongly encouraged, since once deadline is missed we cancel the application altogether and our policy is not to work again on applications with missed deadlines.

In case you decide to withdraw your application, please, let us know in a timely manner, prior the expiration of the job offer deadline. It will allow us to give the job opportunity to another applicant who will take it. We hope you understand that we are expected to place employees to all vacancies that come to us. We simply have no right to delay the process.

We would gladly explain the entire procedure. It consists of the following steps:

1/ preparation of application documents and sending them to your employer in Europe this is the only expense you may incur in the whole process. Deadline for finalizing this step is November 5th.
2/ the employer receives your documents and processes them towards work permit and work contract - work permit fees are to be covered by the employer
3/ after work permit issue the work permit is sent to you directly along with your work contract and other work visa support documents
4/ you arrive in Ireland where a representative of the employer and your technical department meet you at the airport. You will be given orientation meeting and taken to your accommodation in your case family accommodation is provided and covered by your potential employer.
5/ you start your new job in Ireland

You are at step 1/ at present, work visa comes at step 3/ /we get a lot of questions from applicants when they will get their work visa - it is when the application develops till step 3/ /

We would like to also clarify that your family can legally join you at the time of your departure for Ireland or later at their convenience.

We definitely hope that you will proceed with the further recommended steps in your application and that we will see you soon at the airport arrival terminal.

You may reply this letter or contact our Recruitment Consultants online at their Yahoo Messenger ID: euworks or through LIVE CHAT.

Yours sincerely,
Technical department