I am simply terrible at job interviews.

And after failing the one I had 2 weeks ago I am starting to think I will never find a minimum wage job. I keep failing because I am doing something wrong all the time. I know it but never do any better.

All of this feels extremely hopeless and feel like I will never have a future if I am not even worth min-wage or less than that and can't pass an interview.

Every time I go I end up crying at the and because I know I failed it. Have to force myself not to throw up or skip it all together.

These things make me highly anxious.

Can't even answer a simple question because I am so anxious!

Gahh.. try so hard to prepare and it's still crap.. should I even bother trying to get a job?

I might as well get pregnant and live off welfare for the rest of my life because I can't answer a simply tell me about yourself question or why I want to there.

And don't get my started on situational questions. Can't come up with anything so quickly and they have to wait minutes because some trash slew out of my mouth.. ugh I hate having to lie all the time.. even to get an interview.

I suck... ugh..