Couple of months ago I went to an interview for an administration position but unfortunately I did not get the position. But now I have another interview coming up for the same position but this time in a primary school. Please can you help me with these questions.

However one of the questions they asked was:

'if you were given a task with a deadline which needed to be completed for that day but you were unsure of how it should be completed, and your manager and line manager were not in the office as they were away in a meeting, how would you go about in dealing with this situation'

Also I'm guessing another typical question that may be asked for a primary school setting is something like this:

'if you were the only person left in the office, and there was a parent/visitor at reception wanting to talk to you, the phone was ringing and also the postman was waiting for a signature for a parcel. How would you deal with this situation'

I am presuming the interviewer wants to know how you would deal with different things under pressure, and whether you can deal with it in a correct manor.
My answer would be something like, letting the parent/visitor know that you will be with them shortly, and then sign off the parcel and if the phone is ringing then answer the phone.

Is this a correct way of dealing with a situation such as this.

Another question my friend said they could ask is,

'if you were in reception with no-one else around and a child come up to you saying they are not feeling well. How would you deal with the situation'

I am guessing you would first find out what is wrong with the child, e.g. if they have a stomach ache, and I would tell them to sit in reception for a while to see if they feel better, if it seems they are getting worse, notify a colleague who is experienced in this matter, i.e. teacher or school nurse/first aider and then call the child's parent if needed.
Is this correct?

Please can anyone also advise me on any other questions they may ask in a primary school setting for an administrator.

Thank you