Hi All ,

I have a question and I am asking for recommendation/direction on how to assure/persuade the manager that I am a good fit for a position .

I went on my second interview and my nerves got the better of me for a little while . I answered the questions well but did not use good communication because I was a little nervous and the job meant a lot to me .
The other candidate is not as strong technically but is a little better in communicating .
I indicated in my first interview that communication was not my strong poing and what I am doing about this... i.e. . Presenting to the organization monthly .

What can I do do help myself now.. the job means a great deal to me . I am a single earner for my family and I got a little nervous and I need some help .

The decision has not been made yet but I need to reassure the IT Manager that I am a great fit .

Can I send him and email with all my accomplishments and Letters/emails of reference ?
What else can I do .

Thank you kindly