I haven't been on here in a while but I always find myself coming back when I am having a real issue. The users on here care and thoroughly (while thoughtfully) respond to every question I've ever asked. I always feel like I've gotten real advice after coming here. So in this situation guys, I need career advice.

I just recently graduated University taking a two year course as a Paralegal. As many of you may know, the job is underpaid in the beginning and STRESSFUL. I started an internship at a firm (paid but really crappy pay) and I was set up for disaster in a position where a senior paralegal recently quit and I was left expected to take on her work. I had mounds of work and people around me didn't want to help me. I was communicating and nobody was listening to the fact that I was straight out of school and needed to be trained better and was overwhelmed. I couldn't catch up on the work and my lawyer was getting frustrated at me. I came home crying almost every night from the amount of stress, financial stress from low pay, and my regret for taking this course and wasting 2 years of my life. I quit the job in a bad way. I came into work and quit on the spot telling my employer I was fed up and walked out. I've never done anything so irresponsible in my life, but the stress brought me to my breaking point.

I recently again started at another firm and I feel okay, but anxious that I am going to screw up again and already want to quit from that fear.

What should I do? Should I go back to school for something else? I am considering business, or should I keep trying at the Paralegal thing? I have spent so much time in school and have worked so hard to keep my GPA high. Maybe this career isn't for me? Any suggestions. Thanks so much.