I've been working towards a certificate in Phlebotomy, and I'm 3 weeks away from obtaining it! My school didn't offer any internships, but luckily my aunt used to work for a small clinic, and got me an internship. I'm the only phlebotomist there!

It's an unpaid Internship, and it's everyday 9am - 1PM.
I got my own office but it's not what I would exactly call a "ideal" environment to learn. The offices are a mess, and I was going through the equipment today, and some needles were expired! The chair they have the patient sit on is a regular chair and offers no support for their arms or in case someone happens to faint.
The doctor who owns the practice isn't very clear about filling out requisition slips, and it starting to get frustrating. He let's me do whatever I want, and I find myself often correcting HIS mistakes. It seems that everyone is TOO busy to answer questions that I might have, and although it's good experience for drawing blood. I just don't know if I'm getting much out of this experience.
I know that most labs require experience so that you can work for them, and this is the reason why I took this internship.

How long do you think I should stay?
What do you think would be the best amount of time so that other people will want to hire me? Do you have any advice at all?