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    Jan 16, 2005, 07:25 AM, Cannot Get Rid Of This In Xp Not Matter
    I Am At My Wits End On This Issue. I Don't Know Where This Spyware Is Coming From. I Go On Ebay, Comcast, And Realstate Sits. I Have Directions From Microsoft On How To Get Rid Of This And In Another Day Or A Few Hours, It Is Back Redirecting Everything. I Start In Safe Mode And Delete Entries In The Registry And Then I Reboot In Normal, Go To The Webpage I Want As My Homepage And Enter The Address And Then I Have To Reinstall My Comcast High Speed Internet Software. What The Heck Else Can I Do? I Downloaded Service Pack 2 Yesterday In Hopes That This Will Help. I Have Norton Systemworks 2004, Comcast Manager And Spyware Software. What Else Do I Need To Keep This Out Of My Computer? Please Help For I Know Longer Can Stand This Internet Life.
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    Jan 16, 2005, 04:11 PM
    Obligatory Get Firefox post.

    Seriously though, sounds like you have a varialtion of the dreaded CoolWebSearch hijack which is hard to get rid of. Install and use Firefox as your web browser and it will never bother you. Only return to Internet Explorer to do your Windows Updates.
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    Jan 17, 2005, 05:41 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by NeedKarma
    Obligatory Get Firefox post.

    Reminds me of

    Here's some "helpful hints"
    1) run ad-aware _and_ spybot. Make sure everything is cleaned up. Everything. Then reboot. Then scan again.
    2) use Firefox :)
    3) make sure your Windows Firewall is On
    4) disable ActiveX scripting in internet-explorer
    5) DO NOT install KaZaA. DO NOT install Weatherbug. DO NOT install "bonzaii buddy." Just say no. :) If the program comes to you and asks to be installed out of the blue, it's spyware.
    5) I hate to say it, but your "High Speed Internet Software" is probably slowing your computer down. Comcast and SBC bundle a ton of crap (not spyware, but crap) on those CDs. If you are ever faced with a reinstall, see if you can set up the internet without putting the CD in.
    6) Your rate of re-infection is really high. This probably means your antispyware is not wiping out all the spyware on your system, and it keeps reinfecting when you reboot. CoolWebSearch is probably the culprit, that program is the spawn of Satan. Grab a program called HijackThis and run it, post the output.

    Good luck.

    The spyware problem is ridiculous. Send e-mail to Microsoft and tell them that running an OS where security is not the #1 priority is like crossing the freeway in a toy wagon. :)
    It's sad that most windows software requires you to be running as Administrator in order for it to work at all. This should not be the case.

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    Jan 17, 2005, 06:41 AM
    Cannot get rid of this...
    If you think you have been infected with a trojan,CoolWebSearch Shredder will help you.Visit and read the article,before downloading the program.I have it installed on my PC and use it to check my system regularly.So far I have'nt been infected.Thank goodness.But it is yet another precaution in the continuing war against 'scumbags'. :D
    Good luck,
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    Jan 17, 2005, 07:16 AM
    Can't get rid of Spyware
    Other volunteers gave you some good information.

    Here are my own steps for getting rid of just about every type of Spyware/Malware/Advertising programs in you computer:

    If you think you already have Spyware/Advertising Ware in your computer, run these as follows:
    Download: SpyBot Search & Destroy; 1.3

    AdAware at:
    Download: AdAware_SE

    CWShredder at:
    (CWShredder is intended only for removal of CoolWebSearch files; placed as spyware on the harddrive). It is not a "stand alone" scan, but needs to be run.

    All 3 of the above programs run better and much faster when run in SafeMode.
    It's best to run the AdAware scan first; 3 times; then re-boot.
    Then, run the AdAware scan again 3 times; then run the SpyBot. Then, run CWShredder.
    Re- Boot.
    Reason for running so many times:
    Some of these trojans' files can be deleted the first time; leaving some others; but on re-boot, they re-write the files that were deleted.
    Running multiple times deletes most of it the first

    If you wish to have a great program, after you clean out Spyware/Advertising Ware:
    SpyWare Blaster 3.2
    Great, free, program that STOPS spyware, trojans, home page hijacks, etc, BEFORE they get into your computer. Check it out at CNET at link:

    Two Tips:
    If you notice the little green computer lights that show your dial-up connection to the internet staying on when they shouldn't be, located on the bottom right of the system tray, disconnect immediately and run AdAware. These lights staying on means that some URL is sending or receiving spyware/advertising ware to or from your computer, most of the time.

    Other Tip: After being on the net, if you have visited any sites you don't really trust, then run AdAware BEFORE you shut down or re-start the computer. This will delete any Spyware easier, before the computer can configure it, set it up, spread it throughout the Registry, and make it more difficult to remove after re-booting.

    If you will do all the above, I am almost sure it will rid your computer of the issue.
    Editing the Registry will not always work... because these files are also located in other areas, such as win.ini, system.ini, etc. They can also rebuild each other, whenever you think you are rid of them.
    The above programs get rid of them, all throughout the hard drive.
    Best of luck,

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