It might seem like a no-brainer to most people what it is that determines how successful a person is on social media but for me, I'm still in a position of trying to work out exactly how this all works. Whether it's because someone's profile picture might have some kind of bearing on other's perception of them at first glance or whether people just seem to intuitively know what a person is like through social media even if they have never met that person in real life. Like they can just pick up on their personality traits right off the bat and whether that alone influences their decision to identify with that person and follow their life? In this case, I think it'd make sense to call myself new to the whole social media thing, not because I've literally only just started creating online accounts and such, in fact I've been active on social media for a number of years, but because I've never really experienced or enjoyed the kind of success that comes so easily to others on social media.