I'm going to be honest and admit that I don't like what people's Instagram pages seem to represent these days. I obviously can't say this for all people as I can't possibly know everyone's motives behind their daily posting but I feel that with a lot of people, there's too much emphasis on personal successes and achievements designed to make their lives seem better and above everyone else's. And with that said, I want to be one, if not the first, of those people to divert from traditional ideas about what having a presence on Instagram is all about. Instead of pursuing the art of posting pictures for selfish purposes, I want to put the glamour back into concepts of kindness, humility, selflessness and appreciation for other people's intrinsic worth and value and give the purpose of having an Instagram account a whole new meaning. The question is, how does one actually go about doing this? How do you create a sequence of images that promote these ideas without seeming hypocritical? Any tips?