A scan found a file in my system32 folder called rlls.dll and it is a virus that records keystrokes and sends the info to two companies that are reported to collect and sell personal data (user names, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.). I found some info that explains that the file was created by two dirty internet research companies called RelevantKnowledge and Marketscore, but I have never taken part in any online polls or internet research on this system so I am at a loss as to where I picked it up.
The rlls.dll notonly is a keystroke recorder but it also seems to set all communications through a remote proxy server.
I tried to delete it and got the "access denied" error.
I tried to use the NSCheck /uninstall command as recommended by symantec and got the "no such internal or exteral command" error.
I then pulled it out of my system32 folder onto my desktop and then tried to do a search for other methods to safely remove it and when I opened IE I got the "page cannot be displayed" error and I also could not access anyone's shared docs on my home network and they could not access my shared docs.
I placed the rlls.dll back into my system32 folder and everything was working fine again.
All of the other systems on my home network are exactly the same and bought at the same time so they should be identical for the most part, but none of the other systems have this rlls.dll.
I have a feeling that it setting all communications through a remote proxy server has something to do with why I can't access the internet and my home network when I remove it from my system32 folder.

Any ideas as to how I can remove this rlls.dll and still access the internet and my network?
There has to be a way to remove it then set things back to the way they were working before I picked up the virus.

A BIG Thanks to anyone who can help.