Hi. I purchased a wireless laptop as my flat mates have wireless connection already set up at home. I expected to just take my laptop home and have internet. However, when I got home, I imputed the network address, then the password my flat mates gave me. It seems to work as it says in connected to that network. However, it also says there is limited or no connectivity. It gives me an option to repair and then when I do, it says it can't repair it cause my IP address needs renewing. How do I do this?

Also, sometimes when I go on 'view available wireless connections' it comes up with my network but says its not connected? So I right click and then the and another box comes up saying 'you are currently connected' even though the box behind says its not connected..

Im hoping this is a simple problem that can be resolved? I guess that I am nieve in the sense that I thought if you had a wireless laptop, and you had wireless connection, then it would just work? Things are never that simple I guess. Please help!!