How do I get my NEW mail and Mail To Be Sent to show up on AOL? I use the AOL 9.1 software, Windows 2000.
As you may or may not know, AOL allows several screen names, mail shows up on all other screen names, the problem is with only one screen name. When I am on another screen name and try to switch screen names, I get an AOL error message... "The filing cabinet is currently in use and cannot be opened. Please wait and try this action again." Of course I waited... nothing! When I click on Read Mail at the top tool bar, which tells me I have 997 NEW emails under this particular screen name, setting is set to show mail by EVERYONE... the mail box appears, but mail is invisible? Will not open?. I can open OLD mail, SENT mail though... even compose and send mail. I have tried clicking RESTORE on the AOL software tab... still does not work. I have tried redownloading the AOL software, restarting my computer... same problem. Anyone else having this same problem!! VERY FRUSTRATED!! Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank You!