I have a dell inspiron laptop which has wireless capability. The OS is Windows XP Professional with SP 2.
It used to connect to internet with the built in Wireless connector some time back . I have a desk top which I use to connect to Timewarner cable connection. It has a wireless router . So, my Dell laptop should have no problem in connecting to the wireless router. The laptop has 'intel pro/wirelss 200 BG Network Connection' wireless network adaptor. But, it doesn't connect to the internet any longer. I don't understand what the problem is.
I thought of updating the wireless driver and went to Intel website and downloaded the latest driver for the network adaptor ,but, it still doesn't work.
I reformatted my laptop hoping it would solve my problem,but still I cannot connect to the Internet.
I have a linksys wireless router . My laptop identifies the router (network) and when I click on connect button, it doesn't connect to the network. I haven't set any password for my network and other laptops ae able to connect to the network. Then why my laptop is not able to connect to the wireless network ?

I tried an external wireless adaptor but still it doesn't work . The same external adaptor works fine on other laptops.
Any suggestion?