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    May 30, 2004, 09:05 AM
    J2RESE1.4, Netbeans 3.6, & JPDA Debugger
    Me needs English please. :-)

    Okay, running WinXP, P4. I had J2RE_1.4_SE (15 Mb) installed then wanted to try the IDE in J2RE_SE with Netbeans 3.6 (95 Mb).

    I downloaded and tried to installed but after the initialisation nothing would happen. I tried it a couple of times, still nothing.

    Then I decided to experiment, so I uninstalled the original J2RE_1.4_SE then installed J2RE_SE (with Netbeans 3.6). This time it was a full install.

    Upon trying to open the Netbeans IDE, it would not load jvm.dll. After querying Google, I reinstalled the original J2RE_1.4_SE (leaving the one with the Netbeans intact). Then edited the ide.cfg in the Netbeans directory so that the jdkhome would now point to the J2RE_1.4_SE folder.

    Now it opens but says that the Applet JPDA Debugger module requires jpda.jar files and gives a url for download. I go to the site and dowload the zip for windows even though it says that it should be included in any J2RE above 1.2.

    I unpack the zip and try to decipher the instructions within and on the site but am not understanding what exactly I should do and why it would not find the JPDA that should have been included.

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