Hello Everyone...
I have set up 3 computers for Internet and the 3rd one does not work correctly when going out to the Internet. I am able to dial out and connect with my provider (Chilitech) and even get the main page from Chilitech. When I go to click on a link or anything off the main page - it goes to page not displayed. If I try to enter anything into the Address for a search then this message comes up [B]Internet Explorer cannot open search page. Also if I click on SEARCH from the tool bar and enter something to search - it tells me that I have lost my connection to the Internet - but upon checking the connection - I am still connected and I can refresh and still get the main page of Chilitech.

Any ideas?

I tried reinstalling IE6 - and it did it but I still get the same thing.

Do I have a setting that is incorrect?