Hello everyone,

I hope I have posted this in the right topic.

I have searched and searched for an email or snail mail address, or even telephone number in order to get a HUMAN response from Yahoo.

Is there actually such a thing?

I want to contact them in regard to my email address and Yahoo Answers but so far I have only found a 'Did this answer your question?' response in their immense Q&A service and when saying no! I was shunted off to an on-line form which when completed and sent resulted in nothing more than an infuriating automated reply which of course did not answer my question.

If anyone knows of an actual email address, etc where I can send, AND receive a human response from Yahoo, I would be eternally grateful.

If there is none, it will only confirm my suspicion that Yahoo is nothing more than some sort of automated or robot run organisation.

Thanks very much in advance.