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    Feb 20, 2007, 11:06 AM
    How do I track sales on website order form sent by commission salesperson?
    I have a proposal with a company in front of me, and need some technical info so that if I hand this customer an easy solution to their objection, I might make them say YES to my proposal.

    They currently have a web-ordering page set up for their customers to fill in their mailing address, etc. order a product on-line, and pay via credit card. I would like to be an independent sales rep for them but if I did so, I would still send the customers directly to their order page to place the same orders that customers do now and I would simply earn a commission on every sale I send to them--only thing is, I need/they need a reliable way to track which customers are coming to their web order page because I sent them. These customers would also be regular repeat customers for refills of this same product, earning me commissions on their repeat sales as well.

    I do not want to have a different web page/website for my customers to go to since there is this company's contact information all over the product I am selling and if my customers either Google the company to place a re-order or just use the contact info on the item (instead of some unique order information I give them or put on the product), I would miss out on credit for the sale. I also need to have the orders go directly through this company since I/they do not want me to actually handle the product or process credit-card sales, just collect my commission.

    At present, their website is not membership driven--in that customers buying the product do not have to sign in to order. I don't know if they would consider changing that. As I've considered that might be some way to track my customers? (I don't know)

    I have also considered giving my customers a small discount on their items if they enter a code on the order page or if the website had a line in the order form asking them to check off if they are making their purchase as part of 'ABC Project' (me) but, again, if my customers fail to check the box, I miss out on credit for the sale.

    Does anyone have a fail-proof solution for this?
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    Feb 20, 2007, 11:24 AM
    The most fool proof way I can think of is to have your own signup page. On this page, the customer, creates an account or logs into your site. They then are taken to the order site for the products you are selling. During that process, a membership number is passed to the ordering site.

    I can't tell you how to code this, only that its doable.
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    Feb 20, 2007, 11:28 AM
    It is only sort of do able, I had the same issue, I would get a customer, and turn them over to sales, I was to get the commission on anything they order,
    So unless the company puts that customer under your name, so that anything they order goes to you, in basics it don't, I lost a lot in commission last year, since it requires your customer to log some special into the web site, if they don't, you dn't get credit.

    This has to be something the master company can control from their site, or you will need your own site

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